WhatsApp Pay has been released! Find out how to activate and make payments.

WhatsApp Pay, as the new WhatsApp payment service is called, was released with the promise of making financial transfers as easy as sending a photo or messages to your contacts. WhatsApp announced the payments option on its platform, with the aim of “facilitating the sending and receiving of money in a safe way. As it not only decreases people’s exposure. The pandemic, but also helps them stay connected with loved ones. Expands access to financial services, and enables more people to participate in the digital economy,” says WhatsApp COO . whatsapp pay WhatsApp Pay, or WhatsApp Payments, is the newest way to transfer money, made available by WhatsApp. Thus, on March 30, the Central Bank approved this service. which involves transactions using cards from Visa and Mastercard companies. In Brazil alone, the second country where the service was released. There are more than 120 million WhatsApp users .

How to set up the first transfer

That is, almost 60% of the Brazilian population. In addition to Brazil.  The only other country where the service is already released is India. How to access this feature According to the platform itself. The service will be gradually released to all users. Therefore, people who already have the function Switzerland Phone Numbers List activated can invite friends and family to use in-app payments. As long as they have Visa or Mastercard, of course. Furthermore, partner banks also have the option to invite their customers to sign up and use the new transfer. How to register If the WhatsApp transfer function is available for you. Then it is very simple to register your payment. To do this, just follow the step by step below! on android If your cell phone is Android. What you will need to do is: click on the three-dot menu.

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the configuration of payment data

Which is in the upper right corner of the screen; select the “Payments” option; select “Facebook Pay”; click “Continue”; create a six-digit PIN for your transactions; click “Next”; if you want to use Fax List biometrics, activate it, or select. the “Skip” option; enter your information: name, telephone and CPF, click on “Next”; enter your debit card details; select “Save”. After registering, you need to verify it. To do this, tap on “Check now” and choose how you prefer to do it: by text message; email; through the bank app. Thus, a code will be generated to be entered into WhatsApp and verify your card. After that, you are free to make payments via WhatsApp Pay. on iPhone However, if your cell phone is an iPhone, you will do it as follows:

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