Published in the “Threat Overview for Latin America” report, the region recorded an unprecedented increase in cybercriminal activity. Kaspersky data recorded 286 million cyberattack attempts over the past year. A figure that represented an increase of 617% compared to the previous year. In its conclusions, the computer security company assured that the outlook for the coming months is not encouraging, especially due to the increasingly refined methods used to commit cybercrimes. For example, Kaspersky points out, artificial intelligence has facilitated the automated creation of fraudulent content.

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In Cisco’s latest cybersecurity report : Cisco Cybersecurity Readiness Index. Resilience in a Hybrid World (2023). Their data showed that only 15% of organizations globally have a mature level of preparedness to manage security risks. Additionally, it highlighted that 4 in 5 cybersecurity leaders believe that cybersecurity incidents are likely to disrupt their businesses over the next 12 to 24 months. Cisco research highlights Poland Mobile Number Database that Brazil is the country in the region where companies (26%) are most prepared to face cybersecurity risks. For their part, companies in Canada (9% in mature stage), the United States (13% in mature stage) and Mexico (12% in mature stage) show low levels of preparation compared to the world average.

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A cybersecurity strategy According to Kaspersky business

An enterprise cybersecurity strategy is a high-level plan deploye.  By an organization’s leaders over a period of 3 to 5 years to protect its assets with the support of technologies for the detection, investigation and recovery of security incidents. When an organization faces the challenge of designing a cybersecurity Kuwait Phone Number strategy, it must consider the following factors: Identify the security needs of the organization. This is understanding how the business develops to design measures and implement technologies that address its main cybersecurity needs. Respect the regulations.

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