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To use an original theme from WordPress because it is more SEO friendly and is preferred by Google. 4. Repair Broken Links broken-link Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash A broken link will result in an inaccessible page marked with “Error 404”. You definitely don’t want your website ‘s image to be damaged because many visitors leave due to broken links ? To check for broken links , use Google Webmaster Tools. Just by registering, all broken links will be detected immediately so you don’t need to manually check every post on your website.

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Removing Unused Plugins plugin-website Photo by.  Even though plugins can make it easier for users to optimize their website , installing excessive plugins is also not recommended. This will affect website performance, one of which is that the website can become slow. So, make sure you only Japan WhatsApp Number List install enough plugins, but it is highly recommended that you only install one! So, if you already have a lot of plugins and intend to uninstall them , you can use the Plugin Performance Profiler to find out which ones need to be kept or uninstalled . 6. Use the Embed URL to Upload Videos embed-link Photo by If you want to upload a YouTube video on the website , it’s best not to upload it directly! This will affect website performance and burden your website hosting bandwidth.

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The video embed feature on YouTube and insert it into the WordPress editor. You don’t need to worry because the video will appear automatically when uploaded. This method is highly recommended if you upload a lot of video content on the website. Those are 6 easy tips to speed up your Jamaica Whatsapp Number List WordPress. Don’t let your website become too heavy so that it can affect its SEO rate , okay? Then, if you want to create a more SEO friendly website , you can read the tips in this Kinaja article . Hope it is useful.