Get to know Google Analytics, a free tool that can make

Get to know Google Nowadays, there are more and more analytics tool websites that can help your business grow, such as Adobe Analytics, Mixpanel, HubSpot, and others. But quite a few web analytics also require users to pay or subscribe first to be able to track their business optimally. Eits , but not everyone is like that. There is web analytics that is free but just as sophisticated as paid web analytics, called Google Analytics. ‘ Ah , its usefulness is limited at best.’ Don’t think badly yet.

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To know Google Analytics and its sophistication so that your business can grow with this web analytics. Google Analytics is a free website analytics service created by Google that is part of the Google Marketing Platforms. Even though it is free, the function of Google Analytics is no less good than Singapore WhatsApp Number List paid web analytics tools, even as reported by Google Analytics is the market leader in the web analytics services market and has been used to analyze 30 million websites. Are you increasingly curious about Google Analytics? Let’s go, let’s discuss the sophistication of Google Analytics.

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Google Analytics Provides Information About Potential Customers.  When your website is connected to Google Analytics.  You can find out various information about visitors.  Or users of your website . For example, you can find out the average or most customers or visitors on your website from which city Japan Whatsapp Number List or country, their age range, the type of gadget used when accessing the website, and so on. Of course, by knowing information about visitors to your website, you can maximize the development of your business. 2. Know the type of content that attracts visitors Content is the most important part of showing branding in your business. If the content is created on target, this can increase traffic and increase visitors to your website, you know.