Here are 6 tips to speed up your WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform or content management system throughout the world. Quoted from , WordPress is a very well-known CMS software and is used by 43% of websites across the internet. In fact, who would have thought that several well-known websites such as BBC America, Skype, Microsoft News , and even PlayStation also relied on WordPress to develop their sites! So, so many people use this CMS, it is mandatory to continue to maintain your website so that it is not less competitive with other websites. One way is to keep your website fast and user-friendly because these two things are very crucial in improving SEO.

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So, so that your website can be faster, you can follow the following 6 tips from i. Come on, take a look! wordpress-dashboard Photo by Justin Morgan on Unsplash 1. Perform Image Compression Did you know that the size of images can affect website speed? This is because the website will take quite a long time to load images if the size is large and vice versa. To be able to monitor image sizes and optimize them easily, you Brazil WhatsApp Number List can use the WP-Smush plugin . compress-image Photo by Avantix Learning Next, you can use GTMetrix to check again if there are image sizes that still need to be compressed. In this way, the collection of images on your website can remain stable and website speed is maintained.

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Update Here are 6 tips to speed wordpress-update

Photo by Souvik Banerjee on Unsplash Like software in general, WordPress will also become slow if it is not updated. Not only that, not updating the version also makes your site vulnerable to viruses, malware, and even hackers. Therefore, it is highly recommended to always check and update Ivory Coast Whatsapp Number List your WordPress version, OK! 3. Choose a simple and original theme wordpress-theme.  Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash Tweaking a website to make it look.  Beautiful can really make users so carried away that.  They forget that there are themes and components that are too heavy.  So, make sure the theme you use is light so that WordPress doesn’t take a long time to load your site.