Writing a blog is it worth it?

A blog, or sometimes called a blog, is a great marketing tool for sharing interesting and useful information in both text and visual formats. Although companies abroad willingly and regularly publish various articles on their blogs, this form of marketing is still not very common in lithuania. Here are some reasons why businesses in lithuania are reluctant to embark on the blogging journey: what is the benefit to us? And what should we write there? Well, maybe sometime later it will be necessary.. How does it benefit us?! So let’s start from the beginning. Blogging can be classified as a relatively recent form of content marketing . The main goal of this marketing is to provide as much useful and free information as possible to your potential customers and website visitors.

There are even several benefits for the business

One of which is added value for the customer. By creating and publishing textual and visual content on your blog, you create additional added value for your customers. You can use the blogging platform not only to present new products and ideas, but also to provide Belgium Business Fax List more useful information about the company itself and its history. Want to attract more customers? Start sharing success stories from current and past clients. In this way, you will not only provide additional knowledge to your client, but also allow you to get to know your company from the inside, thus gaining more trust among your clients. Positive reviews and success stories will also serve you well in creating your company’s image on the internet. The second reason is higher positions in google search.


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Google, like many other search engines

Highly values ​​quality, unique and frequently updated content. As a result, all websites where content is regularly published and updated, internal and external link structures are created, are positioned higher in google search results. As unfortunate as it is, most companies these days just offer their products and focus only on sales. Therefore, we often advise our clients Fax List  to spend enough time creating added value that is not always tangible at first glance for their future clients. In this way, your business will not only become unique, but you will also show that you sincerely want to help your clients. And ofcourse, the third reason is that blog posts are very easy to share! You’ll probably all agree that social networks simply rule content marketing these days.

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