An ssl (secure sockets layer) certificate is a digital technology that enables the encryption of data transmitted between a website visitor’s browser and a website server. In this way, the data is adequately protected from third parties (e.G. Hackers targeting your personal data) this digital technology is particularly relevant at the moment, as the data transmitted is usually very sensitive – personal information such as name, surname, social security number, contact phone number, address or even payment card details. This information is usually used with e-mail. In commerce-related projects, but another piece of information (e-mail address, name or surname) is often requested in registration.

Contact forms or when ordering company newsletters

How do I know if a website has an ssl certificate? In order to find out whether your website has an ssl certificate, it is enough to look at the url address. The url address of websites with an ssl certificate starts with Also, if you see a lock next to the url address bar when Brazil Business Fax List  you visit a website, it means that the ssl certificate is installed correctly on your website. However, if the  address of your website starts with and after entering the address indow is thrown with a warning – the ssl certificate is not installed on your website. Why is an ssl certificate needed? Even if your company’s website is the simplest, with no contact forms, or even more so e-mail commerce features.


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We still encourage you to install an ssl certificate

Here are some reasons why you should: google search engine will value your website more; increases website visitors’ trust in your business; increased security when browsing your website. Although these reasons are not very many, but in our opinion, they are quite important. So let’s talk about each of these reasons in a little more detail. The largest search Fax List  engine google publicly announced in 2018 that it will aim to protect website visitors from the leakage of sensitive information. One way is to notify every website visitor of the threat of an insecure connection when browsing websites that do not have an ssl certificate installed. This is what all visitors from the fall of saw when they visited a site without an ssl s also worth installing for better positions in google search.

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