How to innovate in micro and small companies

Brazil recorded significant improvements in innovation outputs, particularly in the creative outputs pillar, including the intangible assets and online creativity sub-pillars, and indicators of brands and mobile application creation. This investment in innovation and technology is essential for microenterprises (me) and small businesses (epp) to strengthen themselves, follow market changes and have the ability to remain competitive in the market. But, usually, entrepreneurs are afraid to look for innovation because they think that a lot of investment is needed. What many don’t know is that innovating doesn’t just mean creating products and services. Innovation can be in the small details, in the creation of new processes, a new sales technique, in a new product presentation, in the change in how the company promotes customer service.

There are several possibilities to innovate

And if you want this in your small business, but need direction, continue reading and follow the tips and information we have prepared on the subject! Is it possible to innovate in small businesses ? Yes! Innovation is not just a requirement for large companies. Every type of business can innovate. Contrary to what some think, innovation is essential and cannot Switzerland Business Fax List  be left aside, as companies that do not innovate can be harmed by market changes. However, “my company doesn’t have the money to innovate!” entrepreneurs often believe that innovating is a very difficult process that involves a lot of resources, and in some cases, they fail to identify the opportunities that innovation can offer. To innovate it is not always necessary to spend a lot of money.


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Often a change in attitude or habits already characterizes

Innovation innovation in micro and small companies can happen, for example.  through the creation of new business models, new products or services, the adoption of new technologies. In other words,  also through new management structures and operational improvements that simplify actions and decrease costs. Every improvement that is made in the company and that Fax List  solves a problem to make everyday life easier and generate value for the customer is considered a type of innovation. The main tip for your company is: don’t imagine innovation as something unattainable! Look inside your business, understand how to improve processes, customer service or service provision. As soon as you start to act, you will start innovative practices in your company.

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