What should you measure on pinterest analytics? You will find a lot of information provid by pinterest. This data can then be broken into categories for you to understand how to read the numbers. In 2021. Pinterest generat $2.5 billion in revenue. Which is a 56% increase year-on-year report by the business of apps so it’s worth understanding what content resonates with users. According to pinterest. You can use its analytics to review specific pins: click ‘all pins’ to see your overall performance or select standard pins. Product pins. Idea pins or video pins to review a specific format filter results:

Content type

Claim account(s). Content type. Product group. Device. Age. Gender. Source and format view top pins or boards: scroll down to see your top boards or top pins by impressions. Engagements. Pin clicks. Outbound clicks or saves export your data: click ‘export’ to get a snapshot of select data (csv file format) as a beginner. There are six metrics you should track and monitor regularly. Why choose dmi? 1. Pins under the ‘metrics’ tab. You will find pins creat from your website’s content. This number is important as it shows you the average amount of daily content pinn from your website. It will show new database you if your website content is worthy of pinning to your boards. If you are not showing the numbers you’d like to see. Then it is time to rethink your visuals.

Create great content that will attract

Create great content that will attract and engage pinterest users to increase your pin clicks and click rate. Here’s an example of supermarket chain tesco’s pins organiz Fax List into categories. Tesco pinterest board tesco pinterest board you should also consider moving your ‘pin it’ button. So people will see it and be more inclin to click it. Alter your visual content and then keep track to see if you notice changes for better or worse. Pay attention to time periods so you can identify the content you chang at that time as that will allow you to determine what is working well and which campaigns ran better than others. You can then use that as an example of what your content should look like to get more pins. Likewise. If content sees a drop in pins.

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