How to Use Pinterest Analytics

If you work for a brand or own a business that creates great images or visual content. Pinterest could be a great network for you. A visual discovery platform. Pinterest is a simple way for people to get inspiration by creating mood boards using ‘pins’. With 445 million monthly active users according to statista. Pinterest is the 14th largest social mia platform ahead of twitter and rdit. It’s also popular amongst women (76 percent of its users are female according to hootsuite) so it’s a channel to think about if you’re looking to target that audience. But as with any social mia network.

 It’s important to understand how your content performs

 It’s important to understand how your content performs so you can tweak and optimize. That means you ne to know how to use pinterest analytics to gain insights for your content and strategy. Let’s find out how to get the best from the platform using analytics. Claim your pinterest account to access analytics. You must confirm you have a business account. If you don’t have a business account. A prompt to upgrade to a business account new data will appear in the right upper hand corner of your pinterest page. Pinterest business dashboard pinterest business dashboard just click it and follow the easy steps to upgrade.

You can then claim your website

You can then claim your website to ensure that your profile photo and logo show pins from your site. Once this is Fax List done. You’ll find ‘analytics’ in the upper right-hand corner of the drop-down menu. Once you’ve creat or convert to a business account. You can also: install a ‘save’ button so users can pin from your website and you can get analytics on referral traffic from pins add a tag to track any actions a user takes after seeing your promot (paid) pins add rich pins for your products. Articles and apps read: check out our ‘walkthrough guide: pinterest for business setup’ to get guidance on how to do this.

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