Pro tip: Reviews are going to be very important when SGE rolls out! Start gathering your customer reviews now. Also, check out this blog for more information on local SEO. Or link to this evergreen piece on Local SEO  YMYL queries YMYL queries refer to Your Money or Your Life queries. These are generally lifestyle queries where people are looking for advice (typically around health or financial issues). For example, “home remey to treat poison ivy rash”. YMYL query YMYL query Although SGE displays the expecte AI-generate text.

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It also contains a disclaimer: “This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute meical advice or diagnosis.” This is because people may decide latest database  to act base on the results they get to their YMYL queries. In some cases, Google wants people to seek meical advice instead of utilizing the SGE result. It has traine its model to add this disclaimer with these types of queries just to help protect people. The limitations of SGE At first glance, SGE is very powerful and impressive. However, the more familiar you become with it, the more you’ll start to realize its limitations. Here are some notable issues: SGE results are not always correct.

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(These are known as ‘hallucinations’.) Generative AI is still in the testing phase, so it’s inevitable that it’ll make mistakes. Also, the errors in search results are Fax List  sometimes reflections of errors in the web content itself. The output can only be as accurate as the input. Data voids: Sometimes, SGE doesn’t return any results. This may be because it doesn’t understand your query, or it may have decide that there’s no quality or reliable information available. Contradictions with other search results: SGE results are not always the same as results from traditional Google search. For example, the information in the organic feature snippet might differ from the AI-generate text.

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