I already said that I don’t believe in resolutions because they are never fulfilled. We fill our mouths with false promises to ourselves and end up not fulfilling what we set out to do… unfortunately. We should learn to talk less and do more. Woody Allen already said it, things are not said, they are done, because when you do them they say themselves. And that’s where I am, I promised (I promised you and I promised myself) to write at least one article a month, so here it goes

Storytelling. The art of communicating

Storytelling has become fashionable. Although many people describe it as the art of telling stories, I prefer to define it as the art of communicating. And no, it’s not something new. It is not a new technique born from the experiment of a brilliant mind of the 21st century, nor is it the result of brainstorming in a meeting of creatives. Storytelling was born in the age of caves, and I have the total and absolute conviction that it was born to stay. At the moment, it seems that I am not very wrong, since brands are becoming job function email list  more aware of the importance of this discipline as a tool, or technique, as many call it, to communicate the history or stories behind those companies that were born from the nothing.

Keys to creating impactful Storytelling

But let’s get down to business. It is good to highlight concepts, explain the importance of good Storytelling and provide data. It is certainly essential to know all this and, of course, we could spend hours talking about it, but instead of an article we would end up writing a book. So at this point, I must emphasize a few essential ingredients to create Storytelling that impacts. Keys to creating Storytelling that impacts Elia Guardiola There are a series of key points that Fax List are essential to communicate the entire essence of the story of a product, a service or a brand itself . In fact, we must not forget that Storytelling is not exclusive to written narrative.

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