Mercado Livre and invest 100 million reais per month

As we said above, investment in organic search will have characteristics that are the opposite of routine advertisements: it takes longer to get results; demands investment in content and website improvement; nes long-term commitment; requires constant dication. In other words, if your company is not in a hurry, it is quite possible that it will prefer to discard Google Ads work and focus solely on SEO. However, if we are going to exhaust the subject, there are scenarios where advertising on Google can help SEO. When can advertising help SEO? When can advertising help SEO? Before we go into some possibilities, it is important to reiterate what we have already said here.

It's not the same thing as SEO

SEO Be more visible in unpaid search? Use the same channels that everyone has access to, regardless of your bank account. The Google Webmasters YouTube channel , where we source Matt’s videos, is a good place to start. The advantages of advertising on Google As we have already preach in other articles here, advertising on Google Ads can help, yes, but we will always prioritize the long term , that is, reconciling your advertising work with SEO work. Looking at Google Ads might be a good strategy if: your website is new and not yet index; your company nes quick  Latest database results, in less than 3 months; your product is seasonal; you ne to jumpstart a launch or campaign quickly; your business cannot commit to the long term.

By identifying possibilities

 Advertising on Google will not have any DIRECT impact on your organic results. However, in short, two possibilities can present themselves when working with ads, and both can contribute to SEO routines: identification of possibilities and; indirect impacts. By identifying possibilities, we are simply talking about emulating the SEO scenario – which depends on the long term – in the short term. In short, test ads, titles, keywords and the like to see how users behave. It’s not the same thing as SEO, but it can bring some insights. In indirect impacts, we are talking about the logic of the marketing mix. You know when you advertise a product and your customer buys  Fax List another. It’s a side effect, right? It wasn’t its main objective, but the indirect return ends up happening.

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