And the most common myths are precisely link to the influence of advertising money on organic results: investing in Google Ads makes your website rise in search; Big advertisers get special treatment. The reason why both positions are myths is the same as what we have already mention here: Google cannot compromise its reputation. Let’s talk briefly about each one, using Google’s own words. Myth 1: investing in Google Ads makes your website rise in search Matt Cutts was one of Google’s most prominent engineers, and constantly answer questions from SEO experts about how search works and questions about organic ranking

Returning to our myth, see how Matt

Although he left the search engine at the beginning of 2017, his words are still valid, and remain the basic premises of the search engine’s positioning. (If you’re interest in following someone else who’s still at Google, it’s worth following John Mueller on Twitter! ) Returning to our myth, see how Matt Cutts takes him down in less than 1 minute (in English): Making a quick transcription of the video: question: if I invest in Google Ads , will my website new database   rise in organic search? answer: no. The use of Google Ads does not generate any interference in the algorithm that makes your pages rank better.

Another question that is sometimes

 If you want more positions on Google, write good content and have a good website. Don’t count on Google Ads to rise in searches. It can’t be more direct than that, right? And if you’re still wondering why, remember what we said above: Google’s reputation and firepower with advertisers depends on this separation between organic and paid. Myth 2: Big advertisers get special treatment Another question that is sometimes rais is bas on the following reasoning: “Okay, paying Google doesn’t help my organic results. But if I’m a big advertiser, the search engine team will certainly offer me exclusive SEO tips, right?” Again, no. And let’s hear from Matt Cutts again: Summarizing what he is saying: question: if my business is losing visibility in organic  Fax List search and I am a large advertiser, can’t I receive SEO advice from my manager within Google? answer: no.

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