Display Network and Search Network: Which to Use in Google Ads.

Invest in the Display Network or Search Network? Those who work with Google Ads in their online campaigns usually come across this type of question. After all, digital advertising is quite diverse. Therefore, today you can find several ad formats to choose from and several ways to conquer new users. Among them are the Display and Search Networks, the subject of our article today. In it you will get to know each one of them better, the main differences between these two networks and how to use them in your marketing strategy. What is Google Ads Formerly known as Google AdWords, Google Ads is one of the tools that generates the most successful campaigns on the internet . And therefore more revenue. There are many questions about this tool. From how it works to what is the right way to use it in your campaigns.

Search Network is made up

Therefore, one must understand that Ads is an advertising platform. Through it, your ads are displayed in the form of sponsored links, whenever someone performs a search on the internet. These ads are displayed in search results when related to the keywords used in the search. So, a great proposal! After all, nothing better than Cambodia Phone Number List displaying a relevant ad and delivering it directly to those looking for the solution you can deliver. At the exact moment that person is looking for that solution. But anyone who thinks that Google Ads boils down to just that is wrong. In addition to this ad format, there are other forms of disclosure. So your ads are: banners; videos; in special areas; and Google partner sites. Differences between the Display Network and the Search Network Now that you understand what Google Ads is, let’s talk a little about the Display Network and the Search Network.

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Defining keywords People usually perform

There are some differences between them, as well as some similarities. Thus, the similarity between both is that, in addition to being part of the same platform, when used in the wrong way they can end up harming the result of your ads. As a result, you will end up not achieving your goals with these ads. On the other hand, when used well, the result for your Fax List   company can be much greater than expected. how they work Google Ads tools are easy to use once you have some knowledge of the subject. After all, Google Ads is simple, functional and intuitive. Therefore, they have everything to become great allies of your Digital Marketing strategy . And the best way to make good use of all its resources is by knowing how each network works and what they have to offer you.


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