create an online course? Complete guide with everything you need

How to create an online course step by step.– Complete Guide Learn how to create an online course! In this guide. I am going to explain how to create an online course and the necessary steps to start promoting and selling these events on your blog or website. The Internet is a channel that offers any business or professional the possibility of creating. An online course and thereby generating an important source of income. But I would like to explain more things to you before talking about the different types of courses that you can take for this purpose. Types of Online Courses you can create 1.- Tutored infoproduct This is a canned event.

 Online course

We sell automatically and is currently job function email list very popular. Especially in the blogging sector. To provide more value and quality to the teaching process. Tutorials are established with students with the aim of resolving doubts and better internalizing the knowledge acquired during the course. ⇒ Advantages Greater closeness with students Greater assimilation of content Students do not feel alone ⇒ Disadvantages Requires an additional percentage of tutoring work. Which will depend on the number of attendees It has a greater economic and human cost .

Tutored infoproduct

Advantages The cost is lower (as it is not Fax List tutored) They can be sold automatically with certain platforms (such as evergreen) ⇒ Disadvantages Students may feel lonely and discouraged The learning process is more complex and it may be more difficult for students to advance Learn more about infoproducts here! 3.- Training that we sell through an external platform What we are talking about here is looking for a platform for selling paid events. So the design depends on the requirements of that platform.

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