As passionate as i am about the customer experience, it must be recognized that there will always be customers who are not willing to pay for those added values. Although for many it is something desirable and having a good experience is interesting. Not everyone will be willing to pay an extra price to receive it. In other words, customer experience is a great differentiation strategy, but it doesn’t resonate the same with all customers. There are some market segments, some customers, who are surely going to tell you, “great, but rather take away all that and lower the price.” Customer experience is wonderful, but it is not the magic formula for 100% of customers. What to do in this situation? Segment your value proposition according to the group of customers to whom you are going to deliver that value.

Are customers willing to pay for a better experience

That is, define who you are really going to sell a great experience to (who are willing to pay for it); and be clear about the other segments where your value proposition is probably going to be less robust, but much more in line with the expectations of those customers. If your value proposition cannot be reconfigured in different instances for different types Gambling Email List  of customers, then define which segment you are going to stick with. If customer experience is part of your differentiation strategy, focus on those who are actually going to be willing to recognize and pay for it. While providing pleasant experiences is desirable, not all customers care.the lack of differentiation brings many problems: invisibility, minimal loyalty and unbearable price pressure.

What to do in this situation

We are not victims of the competition that never stops offering discounts and promotions, or of clients with great power who want to bring us to our knees Fax List  in the negotiation. We are victims of our lack of differentiation. The main reason why a business competes on price is because its customers see it as substitutable and easily replaceable. Our value proposition is almost identical to that of our competitors, but we still want people to choose us. Not everyone That’s why the most important question every business should have an answer to is: why would a customer prefer me over another option? The day you stop asking yourself this, relax, and believe that you have earned your customers’ loyalty will be the beginning of the end.

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