Zapier is a software that makes integrations between programs and web applications. Allowing combined actions to be carried out and information to be transferred between platforms.  Learn to Anyone who works with Digital Marketing is always juggling several online tools. In the end, people always want to do everything at the same time. Try new strategies and still maintain an organized database. A good Marketing automation tool , such as RD Station or Hubspot . Already manages to put several tasks on autopilot.

Learn to An Example of How to Use Zapier

Every integration done in Zapier between email contact list two or more tools is called a Zap . You can make combinations between different tools, but, to illustrate in practice. How you can use Zapier in your Digital Marketing strategy , I have separated one. Of the most practical and useful Zaps here at Rock Content. In this step-by-step, you can create a lead generation offer. Consisting of a survey or questionnaire in Typeform and immediately pass those leads to. A marketing automation tool, like RD Station .

Create a Zap That Starts With Typeform

When you select Type form Fax List as your Zap input app , Zippier will guide you through several setup steps. The first is to choose when you want your Zap to fire . In the case of Type form, there is only one option, which is New Entry . That is, this Zap will be activated every time someone completes your questionnaire in Type form. After that, you will need to connect your Type form account . Once your account is connected to Zippier, you’ll be directed to the Edit options step , where you’ll choose which Type form form you want to use for this Zap.

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