The 30 most common mistakes you should never make in an email marketing campaign

Email marketing The 30 most continues to be one of the most . Therefore, valuable and effective digital marketing tools to achieve a company’s objectives. But to achieve this, it is necessary to take into account different aspects that, in many cases, are not paid attention. In this article, I explain the 30 most common mistakes that companies make when sending . Therefore, email marketing. By avoiding them, we will make our email campaigns a powerful marketing tool. Take note and don’t make them! Not establishing an email marketing strategy. An email marketing campaign is not about sending an email to our subscriber list on time. 

Make shipments that do not add value to the recipient The 30 most

As we saw in the article ” How to plan an email marketing industry email list campaign “, after determining the objective of the campaign, the next step is to have a qualified. Therefore, and segmented list of subscribers. To do this, it is necessary to carry out actions to attract qualified leads . Not having a qualified subscriber list. All lead capture actions must help us generate lists of qualified subscribers with sufficient data to be able to segment these lists into groups based. Therefore, on the defined marketing objectives. For example, if we are a celebration hall and we want to plan an email marketing campaign aimed at couples who are going to get married in the next 6 months, at the time of capturing the lead, we will have to request the date of the ceremony as information. . In this way, we will be able to segment our. 

Not defining an objective in each campaign

Like any digital marketing action, an email Fax List marketing campaign must respond to an objective: increase sales, get new customers, inform. Therefore, about a promotion, generate traffic to a website, evaluate customer satisfaction, brand awareness, etc. . Defining the objective is the first decision we have to make in a campaign of this type. And remember, only one objective per campaign. Or in any case, a main objective, and another. Therefore, secondary one. But no more. Do not take advantage of the sending to even say that the intern is taking a few days of vacation.

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