Low Cost Digital Marketing Strategies for NGOs

Like any entity, digital marketing can help a Non-Governmental Organization achieve its marketing or communication objectives. In most cases. The main difference with respect to a for-profit entity is the objective: to help improve the world . Next, I am going to explain how a digital marketing plan for an  differs from that of a for-profit company; and what are the most appropriate low cost strategies for an . Like any company, the first step is to make a digital marketing and communication plan. As I explained in the article How to make a social media plan step by step .Before implementing a digital marketing strategy, it is advisable to analyze the entity itself, in this case, the competition, the scope of action, the cause, the marketing and/or communication objectives and the target audience.

Digital marketing objectives of an NGO

The digital marketing objectives of an  usually differ category email list quite a bit from those of a for-profit entity. Precisely because the ultimate goal is not to obtain economic benefits, but rather to improve the world in which we live . We can classify them into two groups: information and acquisition . The most common are: Objective Information. Raise awareness in society about a social problem. Make known the social actions they carry out. Recruitment objective. Attract new partners (individuals or companies) Collection of donations. Recruitment of volunteers and/or collaborators. The target audience: Members or volunteers, not clients. An  does not look for clients. Look for individual or business partners, donors, volunteers and/or collaborators. 

Low-cost digital marketing strategies for an NGO

A strategy is the way to follow to Fax List achieve our objectives. By digital marketing strategies for an  I mean the specification of the actions that will be carried out on the Internet to achieve the objectives. That is, to respond to the  what are we going to communicate, who are we going to communicate it to, when , where – in what media – and how . We should not confuse strategy with tactical action. A very common confusion. For example, social media management is strategy; and publishing a type of content on social networks is the tactical action.

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