How to multiply your subscriber list for your email marketing campaigns

The first step to attracting quality registrations How to is to have a powerful magnet, that is, a lead magnet . But what is this? A lead magnet is high-value content that is offered free of charge to those who leave us their personal or professional data. A highly recommended strategy to generate a database of potential clients. This content will always have to be related to your brand, product or service. For example, if you are a hotel services or products company, why not offer them a guide on ” How to succeed on TripAdvisor .” Examples of lead magnets. Below I explain some more common lead magnet examples:

Free webinars or tutorial videos How to

Scheduling free webinars or creating top industry data tutorial videos is also a very effective formula for attracting registrations. But as we will see in this same article, it requires a dissemination campaign. The discount policy is always an effective strategy to add subscribers. Offering a discount coupon to those who leave us their information through a subscription form is another good strategy to capture leads from users interested in our product or service. Draws through registration. Giveaways on social networks are a very effective tactical action to achieve different digital marketing objectives, one of them, the one that concerns us in this article. It is about choosing content that is only of interest to your potential subscribers and not to other users. 

Creation of the subscription form

Only in this way Fax List will you be able to have a qualified database. For example, if to gain subscribers to this blog I raffled off a ham, people who are not the least bit interested in digital marketing, but are interested in ham, would sign up. However, if the prize is a digital marketing book, 100% of those who participate will coincide with my target audience.Once the lead magnet has been decided and created , it is time to design the subscription form. This is where the second phase of the conversion funnel of an email marketing campaign takes place. We talk about the consideration phase . The moment at which the user considers subscribing or not.

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