You may have already used them before. Maybe you’ve only seen some icons next to the navigation bar. When you’re in Google Chrome, without really knowing what they are. Google Extensions Well, those little icons are the famous Google extensions and they were created to make your life easier. When you install Google Chrome, YouTube , Mail and Google Search are automatically installed . However, the variety and number of extensions is enormous: there are them to. Increase your productivity, to play games, improve online security and much more.

Google Extensions to Improve Your Productivity

Most computers have the option top people data to take screenshots. However, this extension also gives us the option to take just one area of ​​the screen, edit it, add notes and share or download it. As you can see, there are several similar extensions in the Chrome Web Store, but this is my favorite because it does not ask for access to your private data and has a very clean and intuitive interface. Simply select the unknown word and the Google Translate icon will automatically appear.

Extensions to Protect Your Online Security

If you are paranoid like me, this extension Fax List is for you! Click & Clean allows you to thoroughly clean your. Browser to protect your online privacy : delete browsing history, cache, temporary files and cookies. It also allows you to scan your PC for malware and several other functions. Let’s say that it is normal for some sites to track our online activit. Since many times this is done for advertising purposes. The problem is that there are those who do it with the. Aim of selling our data, or harming us in even worse ways. Ghostery lets you see the trackers on every page you visit, allowing you to block the most dubious ones.

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