Companies around the world are investing in the synergy between. SEO and UX, to capture the attention of visitors to their websites and. Therefore, stand out in an increasingly crowded digital world. For many years, being among the top positions in search engines was. The Combination synonymous with repeatedly using. Therefore, keywords and carrying out aggressive link building, focused solely on the number of links. However, changes in algorithms and user behavior have shaken the strategy and caused companies to leave their comfort zone.

What Are The Combination These Concepts About

In order for us to delve deeper into the link between  SEO and UX, I will first explain the concepts to you individually so that you better understand where we are going. Search Engine Optimization , or in Spanish, Search Engine Optimization. Therefore, covers a series of actions applied to web pages to achieve good positions in the list of search engine results. SEO focuses its efforts on influencing the artificial. Therefore, intelligence responsible for analyzing and evaluating the quality of. Therefore, a website to index it and rank it in the results pages.

Ux Come Together in a Web Positioning Strategy

If something has become very Fax List evident in SEO today. it is that it is not about technology, but about people. Professionals in the area have noticed that, gradually, search. engines have raised their gaze towards user behavior to understand what really provides. Them value, worrying about offering their readers the best possible experience. In a practical example: if a user effortlessly navigates between the pages of your website, interacts. With your links, performs actions and remains on the site for a long time. The artificial intelligence of the search engines understands that you. Offer a good experience to the user and favors your ranking, giving you higher positions.

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