That is relevant to your audience. Remember to respect your company’s visual identity. Don’t use colors that are too far removed from your logo and proposal. Accounting is more sober by default, while the more colorful environment is often associated with marketing, advertising and digital marketing agencies. 2 – your readers value your values highlighting your company’s values, mission, and vision is important because it makes it easier to communicate your corporate purpose to a broad audience. You definitely want people who find you on linkedin to know what your company does, where you want to go, what you want to achieve, etc.

Speaking of value, don’t just focus

On your business history! Be specific about how your company helps customers, how it positively impacts their lives, what added value you generate, etc. This type of information, when presented to the reader in a clear and objective manner, is more effective Uganda Phone Number List than the lengthy textual details of ” how a gentleman discovered accounting secrets and founded an office in 1930. ” it’s called the panetone factory formula by me, and while storytelling is cool, it’s important to focus on creating value, especially when we’re talking about using linkedin in your accounting firm’s marketing strategy.

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Govt introduces refi law for small and micro

Businesses and entrepreneurship courses celebrate the enactment of. The supplementary law no. 162/2018 , which establishes a special tax scheme. For micro and small enterprises opting for simples nacional , the so-called mse refis. A movement led by sebrae chairman guilherme afif domingos. With the participation of sescon-sp , fenacon , permanent forum and são paulo. Accounting Fax List accreditation entity, mobilized to approve. The project and overturn the president’s veto on the implementation of refis small businesses. Simples nacional cannot be disadvantaged compared to those companies that choose to earn hypothetical or actual profits.

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