Concerns were highlighted over the situation of the more than 550,000 companies that opted for simples nacional , owe some 22.7 billion reais and were excluded from the system in january. Threaten. The document is signed by forum entities for the permanent protection of entrepreneurs, such as sescon-sp , aescon-sp , fecomerciosp , through their tax affairs committees – cat , acsp , facesp , sinsa , cesa , crcsp , sindcont-sp , fecontesp , ibracon , etc. Backed by the parliamentary entrepreneurship and combating fiscal war front, emphasizing that the veto is unconstitutional as it disregards.

Article 179 of the federal constitution on

Differential treatment and unequal treatment of micro and small businesses, in light of the launch of the special tax regularization program – pert , aiming not to select simples nacional , mainly large and medium-sized legal entities. In this way, we thank members of Ukraine Phone Number List congress for their sensitivity to small businesses, as well as forum entities fenacon and frepem , on behalf of its chairman, vice-chairman itamar borges , for his commitment to this fight and support for all involved brazilian taxpayers career and entrepreneurship. Sources: sescon-sp , aescon-sp , crcsp , sindcont-sp , fecontesp , ibracon 5 ᵃ regional section.

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