Which spreads Love every day

Our communication is based on 3 main axes: Love (sentimental relationships in the broad sense), Humor and flowers of course. We are not here to talk about flowers at all costs or to push people to order, but rather to create brand attachment. If a person needs to send flowers, we are of course there to help and advise them. The important thing for us is to “create stories”, a bouquet is not offered simply because it is pretty but because it has a story, which is why the editorial design is very important in our communication. On Twitter The account is managed by.

A great way for us to create

This account is very active with an average of 10 tweets per day and it’s a great way for us to create “links” with Internet users. By responding to everyone, by reacting to current events but also by presenting our database innovations (for example the delivery of flowers without knowing the recipient’s address) and our new products (for example the Frozen 2 bouquet in partnership with Disney ). The interest of Twitter is to create links with very different people who share a common “passion”. For example when we talk about the game Final Fantasy 7 (because Aeris is a florist).

That Internet users subscribe


We know that we are going to interest a community of gamers. More than we could have reached Fax List by simply broadcasting bouquets of flowers. It is also important for us that internet users subscribe. To our account because they like our content and not simply to win prizes. Which is why we never ask during a contest to follow us. In addition, on twitter we often offer internet users. The opportunity to play to win another person (and not themselves). A flower “Flora” with sometimes (often) a humor at the level of the daisies.

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