Claim Your GMB Profile Before Someone Else Does

In Why Google My Business is Out Front the blog showed that the only way to make sure your business’s details display correctly on Google My Business is to claim and manage a profile for your business. rankingCoach users can do this from the comfort of the platform’s dashboard. Business owners who don’t claim their GMB business could have incorrect information for their business entered by ‘well-meaning’ former visitors. It’s even possible that someone could try to claim a business’s profile before the site owner can get to it. So best to get there first!

“In many cases, this profile will be the first impression that customers get of a company, so it is really important that the information is correct and that it presents your company in the best possible light.”

 Don’t Rush Your Content Posts

The final part of the 2019 series on content was all about the posting process.

The article: Meta Title, Meta Description and Media Content Tags For SEO gave some great tips for getting this right. This process is not just about having the right keyword tools. It’s also about sticking to the character limits, thinking about how your content displays on search engines and taking your time!

Best quote from the article:

“If we want to do our website’s content justice, We really need to pay careful attention to the meta title and meta description. If our listings are unappealing or nonsensical, users aren’t going to click on the content.”

Get Friends & Colleagues to Test Your Site

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In Big Data and Small Data the blog explored the whatsapp mobile number list modern tendency to focus too much on Big Data at the cost of understanding the customer experience. To show what a difference this can make, we took the case of the Lego corporation, who turned their fortunes around by paying attention to the experiences of any 11-year-old boy.

It is vitally important for digital marketers to focus on the user experience. There is no point overhauling the content of a website to improve bounce rates, if the reason why users don’t stay very long on a site, is because it doesn’t display correctly on certain devices and browsers. Many issues like this can be discovered much earlier if a marketer Fax List takes a little time to get others to visit their website and provide feedback. Ideally with as many different browser and device combinations as possible.

“Talking to others about how they look up businesses like yours can provide a valuable fresh perspective. They can also provide good extra feedback on the appeal of your descriptions and meta tags.

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