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This component consists Title tag or SEO title : is the title of the article which must contain one keyword and a maximum length of 60 characters. Permalink : is the entire URL displayed on the website for each post. The permalink is taken from the title of your article. Meta description : is a short description of your article. Make sure your meta description contains one keyword and a maximum of 160 words. Take advantage of SEO plugins Taking advantage of an SEO plugin can help you determine whether the title, number of words, meta description , keywords, image optimization have been optimized correctly or not. There are various kinds of WordPress SEO plugins that you can use, such as Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack, Google XML Sitemaps, and many more.

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SEO friendly articles that Kinaja can give you. Don’t forget to put it into practice straight away Just look, how easy it is to find the home button and how easy it is to find the product we want. Consistency Content consistency is very important. Consistency of content such as between components must Kuwait WhatsApp Number Data still be maintained. It could be said that the appearance and atmosphere of each page presented must be the same. If not, the risk is that your brand identity could be damaged. Apart from that, users will also be confused about your website. Later they think they have entered another product’s website, which could be fatal, right? For example, it could be said that Samsung’s web design has good consistency.

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Followed by good typographic consistency and also consistent minimalist design style. Stay Simple Yups, make it simple . UI and UX web design that is too busy makes users even more confused about your website. It’s simple here from various aspects. Starting from visuals to user experience. A simple  design will also help you increase the ease of use for users on your website. Do you want your web design to be like France Whatsapp Number List old and ineffective web designs from the past? Surely you don’t want to, right? 4. Know your Users Knowing the user can make it easier for you to create UI and UX designs. To find out who your users are is certainly not easy. Careful research is needed to really know who your target users are.