Artificial Intelligence Recognize 6 Types and Roles in E-Commerce

Technology has become a part of our daily lives. Various industrial sectors, such as banking, media, health and many more, have started to apply artificial intelligence technology. Come on, let’s just discuss what Artificial Intelligence is and its role in e-commerce ? Artificial Intelligence or artificial intelligence is technology that can imitate human intelligence in carrying out tasks such as observing, learning, planning and making decisions for problem solving. For example, we can see the discovery of a car that can drive itself using autopilot technology. Artificial Intelligence can provide benefits for business people, especially in the industrial sector. Because it can reach customers quickly and efficiently.

 Many Artificial Intelligence Recognize Online Businesses

SMEs are starting to switch to using Artificial Intelligence in building their businesses. Because in the e-commerce sector, companies that have used Artificial Intelligence certainly have more advantages because e-commerce customers find it easier to obtain products according to their needs. Picture by Angeline Setiawan on Kumparan Tipe – Tipe Artificial Intelligence There are several types of artificial Poland WhatsApp Number Data intelligence in online business , including: ChatBot Chatbot is an artificial program based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), which can simulate conversations or chats with other users like humans via messaging applications, websites, mobile applications, or by telephone. Chatbots can replace customer service, especially in online businesses so that the chat process can run faster.

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Examples of e-commerce Artificial Intelligence Recognize use

Chat Bots can be found at Lazada, Shopee, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, and many others. Visual Search In this type you can upload the photo you want to search for without having to type in the item you want to find, so this is of course easier and more efficient. Usually customers use this type  to buy Ghana Whatsapp Number List clothes and household needs. Voice Search Apart from being able to upload the photo you want to search for, you can also search for products using voice such as the Siri, Google and Alexa features. Product Management With artificial intelligence , you can also manage your products easily and sophisticatedly. You can see how many products are sold, store income, items that are out of stock and need to be re-stocked , and many others.