If You Don’t Know Your Target User

Then how will you design your website? For example, your target is users aged 20-35 years, so automatically you also have to adjust the design to suit their needs criteria. 5. Responsive “Duh, it’s really slow, how come the product doesn’t appear?” You don’t want your users to complain about slow loading speeds, right? So, don’t forget this aspect. When your web speed is good. Users will automatically be more comfortable to linger . Responsive web will also improve your user experience or UX. 6. Attractiveness This part is very confusing. “Attractive” here is how the design is attractive to the user without sacrificing other aspects.

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The user’s eyes comfortable and interested in your web content . Why are UI and UX so important? Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash “Psychologists have conducted experiments on the effect of UX on sales. It is proven that good UX can have a positive impact on sales” Kommuru Thailand WhatsApp Number Data Venkata Bharath Sai Faculty of Management Bournemouth University User satisfaction is your main reason to improve your website. Apart from that, user satisfaction will increase user trust. So, what if users are not satisfied with your UI and UX? Users will definitely feel hesitant to use your product. Well, of course this is fatal for the sale of a product. So, improve your web UI and UX before it’s too late.

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Functions to create or build sites. CSS: Functions to support HTML in creating layouts, colors, fonts and other styles JavaScript: Functions to run video, audio and animation features to make them more interactive 2. Testing Testing functions to detect bugs in the code used, find out weaknesses Germany Whatsapp Number List of the site or application, and ensure the smooth running of the website or application that is being built. Make  sure there are no errors ! 3. Browser Developer Tools Browser Developer Tools functions to ensure that the website used is fine and does not experience problems when the user is accessing it. 4. Responsive and Mobile Design Responsive and Mobile.