This means that the main title is an h1 , and is unique within the document, then paragraphs are introduced by and sub-paragraphs. Common sense helps improve website accessibility: don’t use headings for keyword stuffing or to attract public curiosity . For nielsen, these elements must be pearls of clarity. And not tools for doing seo or highlighting text in a larger font. Use a font that is readable on small devices how does your website read from a 4 inch? Being mobile friendly means allowing content to be used at any time and in any case, even for those with vision problems such as myopia and astigmatism.

This means that they serve to define an internal

Then fill in the images that have a meaning with this text, for purely decorative ones you can even not insert the text but always maintaining B2B Phone List the html code with the empty quotation marks Use the titles within the text as best you can the heading system in have a meaning from a hierarchical point of view . This means that they serve to define an internal architecture of a web document. Here’s what the sequence looks like in well-structured html code. a rule for publishing accessibility-conscious web pages: respect the main guidelines for organizing headings.

You need to use a font with a good size

This is to ensure that the visual of a web resource is describable by visually impaired browsers. That is, people with business email list  vision problems. These programs, in fact, tell the user the alternative text in an artificial voice .An element that is also useful for seo optimization .You need to use a font with a good size – let’s say the minimum for the body is 14 pixels – and with ideal readability. If necessary, for example if you have a target of over 50s.

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