Imposes the technical requirements for the

Must read mobile ux for ecommerce. In-depth analysis laws and official. Guidelines to be respected to find a reference, compared to institutional websites, you have the accessibility guidelines proposed by agid. That is, the agency for digital italy. We are talking about a pdf ( you can find it here ) with the obligations to be respected for public administration websites Imposes the technical requirements for the. This is by provision of the art. Imposes the technical requirements for the accessibility of websites and mobile applications and related checks. The same document is based on the web content accessibility guidelines which define, at an international level, the indications for the accessibility of websites.

Create an intuitive navigation structure

How to take care of website B2B Phone List accessibility without going into ministerial specifications for having an accessible website, in accordance with the law, we can opt for a series details that can achieve great results for those who want to facilitate navigation for everyone, even those experiencing temporary or permanent difficulties. Here are 6 rules: add an alternatives tag to images. Use the titles within the text as best you can. Use a font that is readable on small devices. Create an intuitive navigation structure. Use links that are easy to locate and click. Take care of core web vitals. Remember that you can use different tools to carry out an accessibility test. 

There is also an add-on version

One of the best known, partly also free, is wave which analyzes the single resource and highlights any problems with the various b2b leads on-page elements. There is also an add-on version for chrome. Add an alternatives tag to images one of the pillars of website accessibility: text alternatives to images.

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