Joel marsh so to improve the accessibility of the website you have to work on its navigability: remove everything that isn’t needed, don’t create menus with all the useful links to reach any point on the portal but create simple and intuitive paths. Easy to use even from tablet, mobile phone, smart tv. Without forgetting devices with particular screens .navigation labels: microcopy should not be a manifesto of creativity but of clarity.  Above all, use intuitive If you read a text, it must be indicative of what you mean.

The rule applies here ux isn't

 Create an intuitive navigation structure one of the principles of accessibility: elements must be easy to perceive, understand and decipher. This B2B Phone List aspect is outlined in different ways and embraces different techniques . For example, the one that allows you to create a simple and effective navigation menu. The rule applies here ux isn’t about creating a perfect world. It’s about eliminating everything that competes with our goals and user goals. Good ux is reductive, not expansive.

The ideal would be to have a minimum

You can add a system to enlarge or shrink the text on command. So no characters with extreme serifs and risky contrasts business lead, with the background. The ideal would be to have a minimum font size of 14 pixels, dark gray on off-white, perhaps an aria, a verdana or a time new roman . So choose fonts that are readable by all browsers, without problems.

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