The links must be used from mobile, the most important ones can be placed on the button. The interesting thing is that with word press the button option is the default. Remember that the anchor text of a link is also an important seo element for on-page optimization. Must read what we know about the mobile first index take care of core web vitals one of the aspects to combine accessibility, usability, ui design and ux experience together with performance: core web vitals must be at the center of your concerns.

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This means ensuring that content above. The fold is immediately visible but also shortening. Interaction times with clickable elements and ensuring that the design is b2b email list always stable . For further information you can read these articles published on the blog first input delay cumulative layout shift large content full paint these aspects allow us to improve the user experience and accessibility of the website. It’s like this: making a site suitable for everyone also means working in a useful direction for search engine optimization . Maybe starting from speeding up web pages.

Use links that are easy to locate and

Without double meanings or puns. Use links that are easy to locate and click if you want to improve the accessibility of the website, also B2B Phone List remember to make sure that hyperlinks are easy to locate and click. What are the rules to follow? Use different text for the links, perhaps underlined, and which changes tone between pages visited or not.

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