The transmsion of these personal data through processing that involves. Their communication whether inside or outside the country on behalf of the person responsible. In turn these two charactertics support by two principles Principle of freom. It consts of the fact that the processing of personal data can only be done with the prior express and inform consent of the client user or owner. Purpose principle. The owner of the personal data must be inform clearly. Ufficiently and in advance about the purpose of the information provid.

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To advance in matters relat to data protection in digital environments. We will take a look at three aspects present to us. By andrés felipe ángel posada lawyer and master in telecommunications and information technology law such as Three aspects of data mobile app designs service protection. But first we invite you to take the free course “data protection as a marketing enhancer. So that you can appropriately use the personal information of your buyers and generate benefits for your business. Data protection regime The bas of data protection in both digital and traditional environments protect by article of the political constitution of colombia which in one of its extracts says.

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All people have the right to their personal and family privacy and to their. Good name and the state must respect them and ensure they respect. Like we they have the right to know update and rectify the information. That has been collect about them in the Fax List data banks and files of public and private entities. In the collection processing and circulation of data freom and other guarantees enshrin in the constitution will be respect. On the other hand here we also talking about what in legal terms known as habeas data. According to the fonte law firm habeas data the “constitutional right.

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