Likewise you raise the reputation of your venture or business and you. Do not run the rk of sanctions that could detrimental to the future of your brand. Let’s gin then by taking a cful look at. The legal field on the protection of personal data for. Which we have consult  félix barriga palomino partner lawyer at fonte – a colombian legal and business. Consulting firm – and  ángel founder and ceo from sl legal technology. Th way it will clear to you how important authorization for the use of your customers’ data. Likewe its correct use will of great help to enhance the sales and marketing strategies of your brand or business.

Define your Likewise you raise audience

The legal framework for the c of personal information and data as corporate assets. In the field of interactions that occur in both traditional and digital marketing. The ne arose to resort to laws on the protection of personal data. This is miat by mobile app development service the challenges pos by moments in the development of information. Technologies in which data as personal and corporate assets take center stage. Add to the above is the emergence of new protocols that guarantee as far as possible. The privacy and security of business information that in general is at constant risk.

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Additionally there increasing increases in data flows and their exposure. To a growing variety of cyrcrimes such as information. Hijacking ransomw and database intrusion with malicious softw malw . According to fonte th data flow has two special Fax Lt charactertics Data flow The transfer when the person responsible or in charge of processing personal data locat in colombia sends the information or personal data to a third party. Who in turn responsible for. Its management and locat inside or outside the country.

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