An important In the above posts (at this point) the topic has been exhauste. You could say that these are must-haves for every WordPress site owner, because Gutenberg has just become a fact. To put Gutenberg into practice, visit the test installation page . Problems with WordPress . WordPress has been around for over years and millions of websites have been create on it during that time. Some of them are update rarely, very rarely or almost never. Many contain abandone plugins that are not actively maintaine by developers, or very outdate themes. This all leads to big problems when it comes time for a big update.

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HTTP server errors, white screen problems or lack of access to the administration panel are just a few of the possible problems. wordpress – problems Is my theme Gutenberg ready? Start by making sure the theme you’re using is compatible with the latest eitor. Send a message to the theme developer photo editor asking if the product is ready for the . update. Authors of paid themes and plugins have been working hard over the past months to prepare their products for the upcoming update. The problem is that changes to Gutenberg were introduce at a rapid pace.

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Google publishe an analysis of million images . It turne out that the WebP format achieve the highest compression of all formats. Moreover, the best results were achieve by smaller images and low-resolution photos – the ones most often found on the Internet. JPEG, PNG and GIF support This is not the end of positive news! Another important Fax List advantage of WebP is its versatility and possibilities. First WebP handles transparency well , just like png images. Second WebP supports animations, just like .gif images. Webp – gif support We are therefore able to generate all GIF.

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