I haven’t published for four months due to lack of time. Always the same story guys, and you don’t know how bad it feels to me because it’s not for lack of desire, on the contrary. Therefore, I really want to be able to contribute content that you (find) interesting. In fact, I have 2 articles on this blog halfway and I can’t steal time at the same time. But last night something happened to me that has pushed me to make my blog a distribution channel. not only for content on Emotional Marketing, Storytelling, Branding and Experiential Marketing. Therefore, but a space where we can tell, openly, bad practices in Digital Marketing.


I tell you how the tragic death of our intense friendship was, with whom I had never spoken before. Although in reality it was the chronicle of a death top people data foretold. Once I saw that the Mister had plagiarized me, I posted a comment telling him publicly that he had plagiarized my reflection and that he had a very tough face. Once you read the comment on Facebook from the author of the content that you have plagiarized in your publication, quickly delete it. Lest the people who commented on that copied post realize you’re not the real author.

It automatically gives

It automatically gives a touch to the author of the original content in order to… of… of… I don’t know nice, what did you expect? An applause? Since the author has given you another comment in view of the fact that you have deleted the first one, a professional plagiarist must automatically, first of all, quickly and quickly block the author Fax List who is acting like a cojonera fly defending her rights. The author is going to publish a third comment with the link to the original publication, but… great!!! He can’t write anymore!!!

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