On October 27, the long-awaited final of the Second Edition of the Balloon World Cup was held , which brought together 16 contestants from different countries. On this occasion, Spain won the victory against Brazil. The event organized by Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqué was held at the Port Aventura facilities, where Miguel Imbroda, the Spanish representative, won the Balloon World Cup 2022. The Balloon World Cup was held for the first time last year, with the winner being the representative of Peru , Francesco de la Cruz , who participated again in the 2022 edition. 

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More than 200,000 people tuned in to top industry data the event on the purple platform through the Ibai Llanos channel. In addition, other streamers have broadcast. Allowing the Balloon World Cup 2022 to be enjoyed in eight different languages. Miguel Imbroda from Malaga passed all the tests. Was victorious in the final against the Brazilian Claudio Lassance 4-1. Already in 2021. The World Balloons broke records with brands. Almost 800 million impacts were generated on social networks. This second edition has not been left behind. According to Tweet Binder, the #BalloonWorldCup hashtag achieved more than 27 million potential impacts.

The brands do not miss the victory in the World Balloons

The brands do not ignore the impact Fax List of this event. Which is why they have joined the World Balloons. As Imbroda pointed out in an exclusive interview with after his victory last July. Twitch gives advertisers greater visibility than other channels . “Today, traditional television has many fewer viewers than what Ibai has in a broadcast,” said Miguel Imbroda. Who in addition to being the 2022 World Balloons champion is the marketing director of the Createando agency . For this reason, brands such as Heinz, Samsung, Pepsi MAX, Kave Home, Fini or Telepizza have not missed this 2nd Edition of the event.

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