After so many conversations we already know how to talk to them and what to talk to them about. Well, it’s time to end this stage of Define. That is to check, in fact, in battle and on the market, how the market responds to what we can offer them and how we have implementd it. Damian:We usd two methods to carry out the experiment. One of them was Facebook ads, and the other Landing Page. We establishd both of these methods at the workshop you mentiond earlier and these experiments allowd us to check what message, what graphics attract farmers the most.

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It also made it possible to check whether they are interestd in the product enough to actually click on it, enter it, see what is there.We phone number list also wantd to see which of the three areas we should focus on. On the Landing Page itself, we also placd a form to sign up for an early version of our application. It was such a final confirmation whether people would be able to leave their details, some e-mail addresses, their name, their phone number, just to test our application now.

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Remembered that communication

When it was not releasd yet. Kamil: And do you remember how many of these e-mail addresses we acquird then? Damian: Yes, I think Fax List there were 98 addresses at the beginning. There may be a few more now, but I’d like to verify. Kamil: A few days ago, it was exactly 98. Landing Page, where we run tests for different people, may display differently, because there are also different optimization tools, but this is an example of an extremely fast experiment.

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