Learnd a lot. There were always new tools, new methods, which I had to learn quickly and put into practice. Kamil’s knowldge and experience certainly did a great job here, because to every question or every problem we came across, Kamil would answer: “in another project I did it this way” or “we usually do it this way” or ” we testd this and that and something like this works better for us”, so it was not basd on “I read that other people do this”, but basd on my own experience.

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It was very helpful and it was very practical knowldge at every stage.The product development process can often take months. The database multitude of creatd components, distances and buttons at a certain stage of design can be overwhelming, and the emerging new screens and changes only deepen the chaos. To prevent this and increase efficiency, we more and more often use the Style Guide solution.


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I will try to tell you about the benefits of the Style Guide and how to create, use and develop it later in the text. Style guide – what is it? Exactly! So what? We use it more and more often and willingly to facilitate the designer’s daily Fax List work, but before we get to the heart of the matter, let’s start by defining what a Style Guide is . I assume that not only designers will want to read this text, so I will try to discuss the issue in a language accessible to everyone, also step by step to the goal In a nutshell, we can say that the Style Guide is a ” manual for the elements usd on the page “. Is this the correct definition Maybe.

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