I feel alive leading the strategy of that launch. I feel fulfilled when I see that I am improving DinoRANK more and more (soon introducing artificial intelligence within the tool) and making a great product that improves the world because it Product Excellence helps hundreds of people to be visible. I enjoy working on SEO for niches with Roldán or now Sergio Canales … All of this consumes time, consumes energy… I cannot aspire to be number 1 if my energy and time is spent on other things, because if I get into buying and renting houses I will also want to “do it well . ” And doing it right in my case, given my mindset, will involve scaling it . And scaling involves resources (time and money, both of which.

This form of investment Product Excellence also works

I stop dedicating to my companies, due to a mere concept of category email list opportunity cost). Option 3: Invest in index funds The option that has been making me the most “tintin” for years I am going to do it the same, that is, whether I get into real estate issues or not, but if I “only” enter this option I will do it with more focus and also investing much more money. Let’s talk about pros and cons… They won’t let me sleep, let’s see if I can clarify by writing. This form of investment also works for nichers or beginner .

I program it and forget I would build wealth or a pretty

SEO consultants, who generate their Fax List first salaries online, because you can invest any amount. Per month and the long term + compound interest will mean that you have winning. Cards from the beginning. PROS It is totally passive. I program it and forget I would build wealth or a pretty decent pension fund thanks to compound. Interest It is the most compatible today with the rest of my companies, which require a lot of time. CONS I don’t quite see that it is the best option to give me “in a short time” an extra salary of about 3,000 a month I see it more as saving for “when you’re older,” but I want to enjoy my money now.

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