No, it wasn’t. We did a test and, although there was some color with the emoticons, it seemed to us that something was missing. On Twitter we could publish only with text. On Facebook perhaps, although we know that it is super bland. On Instagram impossible. We needed visual impact, we needed to put the coupons in an image to complete the circle. But we didn’t want to “bother design” by creating 60 variations of the same image. We decided to ask the design team for a single . Image for each language, to make it look cool, and use Nifty Images to Therefore,dynamically generate the variations for each coupon combination. Using the . CONCATENATE function.

Metricool: from plan to reality without risk of closure

Editorial plan. We had a plan of what we wanted to publish, when we wanted to do it and what .Therefore, Networks we wanted it to industry email list appear on. We just needed someone (or something) to be in charge of fulfilling that plan. And that’s where the last tool in the equation comes into play: Metricool and its CSV import feature for the planner . Oh really! If we already had a Sheet with a list of publications. Their texts, coupons, dynamically generated images . Therefore,Dnd the social networks in which we wanted to publish, we had the publications made and scheduled. It took us less than the. Dlink of an eye to export that spreadsheet to . CSV and import it into the Metricool planner. And we already had it!. Everything ready, programmed, planned, prepared.

Last conclusions

Maybe 60 social media posts, 60 images, and 180 coupons combined don’t intimidate you and you don’t see the need to automate it. Maybe spending a day making one or two posts an hour won’t be too expensive either . Perhaps you have not been impressed at all by all this that we devised and executed in just a few hours. But think big, think about multiplying it by 50 or 500. It wouldn’t have scared us at Fax Lis all. Did you know? I started this post wanting to tell you a real experience about how we took advantage of a few tools to automate a campaign , but, rereading it, I realized that there is much more. It is a real experience about how to work , 

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