This method is effective when we want to hunt fish faster, or want to see the fish’s response.

This technique mimics the ‘panic action’ of minnows, which is one of the most preferred actions of predators.

The image of the movement of this lure is like the action of a dog being taken for a walk.

As the dog moves left and right as you pull on the leash, the pencil bait behaves the same way on the surface of the water.

Usually pencil bait type lures are suitable for this technique but swisher

So, how to make the lure behave like that? It’s very Phone Number List easy. You just have to put tension on the rope, then release the tension, that’s it.

Repeat this operation, easily sliding your pencil bait left and right.

Sometimes ‘stopping’ for a moment is also effective, so give the action a stop or stand still every few actions.

When you give the lure a ‘dog walk’ action, a small ripple will be produced.

This “V” shaped ripple is the key to the effectiveness of this technique.

The slow movement of the head imitates the habits of fish while eating or insects that are frolicking on the surface of the water.

This technique is effective if styled near a structure near the surface of the water or under a branch of a tree hanging over the water that may be dominated by predatory fish.

Therefore, a very accurate throw is required.

Head shake allows us to spend more time on one cast to attract fish

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This technique is effective if the position of the fish is at Fax List a deep level and it needs to be called out to look at the surface.

One of the gewang that easily gives a head shake action is the popper.

What is important, the lure has a float angle of more than 45 degrees vertically on the surface (like standing)

How to style this action?

Playing the tip of the rod, give the lure a short, gentle flick so that it looks like an insect wriggling on the surface.

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