Among the local companies that always make me excited is Drave Fishing.

Since using the Drave offset handle since 2016, I have always been satisfied with this product.

It is indeed a solid product and has never failed to meet my expectations.

This year, Drave released a second version of the T5 swept handle and a new M5 R-edition knob.

What caught my attention this time was the knob of the second version

This is because I plan to replace the livre fortissimo Database knob that is mounted on my Z2020 reel, which I find uncomfortable with my finger grip.

I think the M5 knob is the best candidate as I have been comfortable using it for the past 2 years.

Without wasting any time, I kept in touch with Drave to order the new Drave M5 knobs.

So, follow my brief review of this latest knob.


This review is written transparently to share the experience with the public. I do not get any incentive from any party. Please note.

What’s in the box
country m5

The texture on this knob makes it not easy to slide and seems to stick to the hand


However, we can add-on bearings (4 bearings) of good Fax List quality with an additional RM30 only.

The difference between the first generation M5 knob VS the latest Drave M5 knob
Well let’s start with the differences between the old version of the M5 and the new version of the M5.

Knob M5 R-Edition released in 2018 is made of a combination of aluminum and ABS plastic, different from the previous version which is made of full aluminum.

This makes it feel less solid than previous M5 knobs.

Do not misunderstand.

This is not a problem, it is still tough.

It’s just that I feel a little strange because I’m used to the first generation M5.

What I like about this M5 knob

After installing this knob on the handle, and testing it, it turns out that this latest M5 knob is comfortable to hold.

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