Keep in mind that styling a jerkbait is very dependent on how you work your rod.

rod power and rod action

Personally, I like to use rods that have a medium-fast action 3, and has a strong backbone, where it is easy to style jerkbait.

A rod that is too soft is more likely to absorb energy that should be transferred to the movement of the lure, where it will force us to work harder to produce an erratic action.

For a further understanding of the importance of rod action to lure performance, you can refer to this article:

Understanding Rod Power Classification & Rod Action

In general, you can style this jerkbait with any type Latest Mailing Database of line you prefer, but there are a few aspects that we need to consider.

Lines with less stretch such as fluorocarbon or braid are easier to transfer energy from the movement of the rod to the lure, compared to monofilament lines that have more stretch.

Fluorocarbon also has the advantage of “invisibility” where it helps us hunt fish in clear water areas where fish are easy to spot.

So if we want to keep our jerkbait lure at a shallow depth, the use of mono line will be more helpful.

To understand more deeply about the properties of each type of fishing line, you can refer to this article: Choosing the Best Type of Fishing Line.

Best Lure Color
When determining the appropriate color of jerkbait, we need to look at the water clarity factor and the type of prey fish in the area.

When we fish in clear areas natural colors are a good choice such as mullet or mullet

Latest Mailing Database

Remember, the game of jerkbait is to imitate Fax List a sick prey fish.

Therefore, to achieve the best results we must try to ” match the hatch “.

Megabass Vision 110

If the water clarity is decreasing, maybe using a lure with a fierce color will make it easier for the fish to detect your lure.

The key to the jerkbait game is the lure’s ability to be seen. If the fish cannot detect it, then the fish will not attack it.

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