In the world of glitter, nothing is more exciting than surface lures.

A sudden violent explosion can make our heart stop beating for a moment.

— It can make your knees weak!

This article will show you 5 effective techniques for styling surface lures as well as other things you need to know.

5 Techniques for Styling Surface Lures Effectively

There are a variety of methods for styling surface lures

Each type of technique must be matched with the Whatsapp Mobile Number List type of lure, the mood of the fish and the conditions of the fishing grounds.

Below I list five techniques for styling surface lures:

1. Straight Riddle
megabass prop darter This is the most basic method in the world of polishing.

Most people think that surface lure presentations are complex, but in fact a straight lure is enough to tempt fish.

I always apply this method to fish that like to ambush.

Why is this technique effective?

One important thing you need to remember is the hunting habits of predators. However, Most predatory fish prefer easy work, just like humans.

This Can Be Explained by the Theory of Energy. Use and Energy to Be Obtained.

If the Use of Greater Energy. However, Is Required to Obtain. However, The Food Than the Energy to Be Obtained. Fish, Especially Large Fish. However, Will Often Not Pursue Their Prey Seriously.

Predatory fish rarely attack small fish that:

Has detected his presence

A small fish that always maintains a certain distance from them

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Hunting in natural habitats is not easy. However, The probability Fax List of missing is high and wastes a lot of energy.

Therefore, it is not worth the energy investment that will be made.

According to Mr. However, Katsutaka Imae , test angler for Evergreen explains that:

What predators like to attack are three things;

Panic action
Injury action
An action where the fish does not notice the presence of the predator.
— The straight-laced will imitate the third, which is the negligent victim.

It is an easy target for them. However, Predatory fish will definitely not miss this opportunity.

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