Linkedin marketing what should you know?

Are you sure that your company is effectively using the benefits of linkedin marketing? Linkedin is one of the fastest growing social networks, connecting more than 575 million professionals from various fields worldwide. This is a really great place to represent your company or brand. It is for this reason that in this article we will look at all the nuances that you should think about when it comes to marketing your company on the linkedin platform. Using our tips, you will become more visible to other linkedin users, increase their activity and have more traffic to other social network accounts, the company’s website. Creation of a linkedin page for business an optimized linkedin account is one of the most important steps without which it is not worth starting any other steps on the linkedin platform.

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Organized and optimized linkedin profile (both personal and corporate) will ensure that potential clients will find you easily. A significant number of business owners represent their company using personal linkedin accounts. Few people know that linkedin also allows you to have company pages, which take just a few minutes to create. You can create a linkedin page for France Business Fax List your business by clicking here . In the link that opens, click create a company page and select the size of the company/type of company you have. Fill in all the required information and don’t forget to upload the company logo, the recommended size of which is 300 x 300 px after creating the page, you will also be able to upload a cover photo, which should be 1536 x 768 px in size. We recommend not skipping this step.


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Than those without. Linkedin company description every company’s linkedin page must have a description. Currently, the linkedin platform allows you to post descriptions with a maximum of 2000 characters. In the description, provide more detailed information about the company itself, the field in which you specialize and why potential customers Fax List  should contact you. A properly created description will attract more visitors to your company’s page and increase the number of inquiries from potential customers. We want to note that the first 156 characters are very important, because of their representation in google search results. Therefore, write the first few sentences while also thinking about seo optimization. Under the description, each company can add up to 20 areas in which they specialize.

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