Learn These 9 Secrets When Creating SEO Friendly Articles

You’ve written a good blog article, but how come there are rarely any visitors? Have you ever experienced the same thing? So you see, writing an article in a magazine or newspaper is not the same as writing it on a website or blog . Well, the reason is because you need to create articles that are “friendly” to search engines, aka SEO- friendly . Making articles SEO- friendly allows them to be found more easily on the top pages of Google, thus potentially increasing the number of visitors. So, how do you make articles SEO friendly ? First, you need to know that SEO friendly articles are articles that follow Google’s algorithm and are interesting to readers. However, Google’s algorithm is always changing.

So you need to regularly monitor

Its progress, OK? Now, Kinaja wants to share 9 secrets that you can emulate when creating SEO articles. Come on, hurry up and have a look! Use the right keywords The first step in creating SEO friendly articles is to use the right keywords. This aims to make your article easy to find on Google Netherlands WhatsApp Number Data search pages. You can use keywords that your audience often searches for. And don’t be afraid to use keywords that are rarely used because keywords that are rarely used by people can make it easier for your article to reach the top ranking on Google. This is because the level of competition is lower than keywords that are commonly used. However, still use keywords that are relevant to.

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Use the inverted Learn These 9 Secrets pyramid technique

So that your article is not long-winded, it is time for you to apply this inverted pyramid technique. Learn These 9 Secrets When Creating SEO Friendly Articles! – Kinaja 2 Source: The inverted pyramid is a technique of placing important information at the beginning, followed by a more detailed explanation, and ending with a conclusion or additional information. With this technique, it is hoped Egypt Whatsapp Number List that readers will get important information easily and quickly. Use the AIDA formula Composing the right opening sentence can have the potential to keep readers continuing to read your article. Therefore you can apply the AIDA formula. AIDA stands for attention, interest, desire, and action . Below, Kinaja will explain the meaning of these four things: Attention.