Know the theory and how to choose colors for your website

Color is a visual attraction that can attract people’s attention. A survey shows 84% ​​of people admit that color is the main reason they buy something. Not only that, color also has quite an influence on the strength of branding , you know. So, don’t choose the wrong color on your website , OK! The choice of colors on your website can influence how visitors perceive your brand. By choosing the right color, you can give a good impression so that it is easy for your website visitors to remember . However, before designing a website , it’s a good idea for you to pay attention to the following 3 things: Color Theory What is color theory? So, color theory is a basic guideline in choosing the best website color combinations by designers.

Well, there are 2 types of color

Theory that you can use, namely Brewster’s and Isaac Newton’s. Color Theory According to Brewster The concept of this theory is to group colors into four, namely primary, secondary, tertiary and neutral colors. Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colors Know the theory and how to choose Canada Telegram Number Data colors for your website! – Kinaja 2 Photo by Niagahoster Primary colors are the basic colors that form other colors, which consist of red, yellow and blue. Then, secondary colors are colors from a combination of two primary colors. For example, a mixture of yellow and blue produces green. Then, colors from a combination of primary and secondary colors are called tertiary colors. For example, blue and green make aquamarine.

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Neutral Color Know the theory

How to choose colors for your website! – Kinaja 3 Source: Niagahoster To balance other colors so that they look focused, neutral colors are needed. There are two types of neutral colors, namely monochrome (black and white) and earth tones (brown, cream, etc.). The Color Wheel According to Isaac Newton Know the theory and how to choose colors for your website! – Kinaja 4 Sumber: Web Ascender The color Albania Telegram Number List wheel is a color circle that connects primary colors, secondary colors and tertiary colors. On the color wheel there are 3 types of colors, namely complementary , analogues , triadic. Complementary are two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. These two colors create contrast and result in a brand design that is readable and high-impact. For example, the Chili’s Grill & Bar restaurant logo consists of red and green.